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How MTN MIP is Strengthening Nigeria-South African Relations



, SiliconNigeria

The MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) Fellows recently had virtual sessions with the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Foreign Relations, Mr. Jermaine Sanwo-Olu, and the South African High Commissioner, T D Mseleku. 

This engagement, an integral part of their program, served as a testament to the growing cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa, and highlighted the importance of cultural diplomacy and people-to-people collaboration in advancing Africa’s development.

The first session, themed “Strengthening South Africa and Nigeria Relations: Cultural Diplomacy and People-to-People Cooperation: Building Bridges for Africa’s Progress,” featured Jermaine Sanwo-Olu, Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State, as the distinguished speaker. Jermaine commenced his address by recalling the words of Nelson Mandela, envisioning an Africa at peace with itself and emphasizing that hatred is learned, implying that love can be taught as well.

He praised the strong diplomatic ties between Nigeria and South Africa while emphasizing the need to evolve culturally to strengthen this relationship further. He lauded MTN for its initiative in promoting this cultural collaboration, noting the significance of the company’s welcoming and accommodating disposition symbolized by the color yellow in its logo. “I commend what MTN is doing in ensuring that this kind of relationship is strengthened. Yellow on the MTN logo signifies the sun, which is also bright, warm, welcoming, hospitable, ensuring we have light. It illuminates our path and I believe that we need to shed more light on the direction that Nigeria and South Africa can go to further ensure that a relationship that is mutually beneficial is offered between our great nations”, he added. 

Highlighting the historic competition between the two nations, Jermaine emphasized that unity and collaboration, not rivalry, are key to Africa’s progress. He called for harmonious cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa, stressing that when the two economic powerhouses work together, Africa benefits.

The Special Adviser envisioned a prosperous Africa where cooperation and collaboration between Nigeria and South Africa lead to emergence, uniting the continent and showcasing its immense potential. He recognized Lagos, with its economic significance and cultural influence, as a catalyst for achieving this vision and commended Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his support of South African companies doing business in Lagos. 

Jermaine proposed several avenues for strengthening cultural relations between the two nations, including cultural exchange programs, joint festivals, and events featuring artists, actors, and musicians from both countries. He also emphasized the role of journalists as powerful communicators who can shape perceptions and promote unity.

He stressed the importance of involving the youth in this campaign, ensuring they see each other as treasures rather than threats. He called on both nations to celebrate their uniqueness, common interests, and values, fostering a new, mutually beneficial relationship that contributes to a greater Africa.

In the second session themed “Nigeria and South Africa: An Indispensable Relationship to Foster Cultural Relations through the Media Fraternity”, T D Mseleku emphasized the indispensable nature of the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa, tracing its roots back to their roles in the anti-apartheid struggle and their commitment to the decolonization of Africa.

He highlighted the crucial role Nigeria played as a frontline state in the anti-apartheid struggle, emphasizing that the country’s involvement was integral to the liberation of South Africa. He underlined the importance of political relations between the two nations in providing leadership for Africa’s advancement.

He noted that the African continent’s economic emancipation required strong bilateral relationships, especially between leading nations like Nigeria and South Africa. Professor Moroe also pointed out that Nigeria’s leadership within the United Nations had a significant role in welcoming South Africa back into the global community after apartheid.

Addressing the cultural aspect of the relationship, he cited examples of cross-cultural collaborations, including collaborations in music and academia. “I can actually say without fear or favor that the Africa free trade agreement will not succeed if Nigeria and South Africa don’t come together and pull it up in the first place. So without that kind of a strong bilateral relationship, we will not succeed in freeing the African continent from the shackles of economic poverty and the exploitation of our continent so that merely took to paint the need for why this relationship is indispensable”, he added. 

He emphasized these cultural exchanges and promoted intellectual and artistic contributions between the two countries. He called for deeper media engagement in fostering this relationship, emphasizing the role of journalists and editors in probing political leaders about their actions and contributions to the continent’s development. He urged journalists to focus on substantive issues rather than sensationalism.

Mseleku ended the session by welcoming the MTN MIP Fellows to South Africa during the country’s Heritage Month, suggesting they immerse themselves in the cultural experiences and engage with the vibrant South African media landscape. He encouraged them to investigate and report on issues that truly matter for the continent’s progress.

Overall, these two sessions shed light on the importance of cultural diplomacy, people-to-people cooperation, and media engagement in strengthening the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa, ultimately contributing to Africa’s development and unity.

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How Tech Enthusiasts Can Garner In-Demand Skills in 2024



, SiliconNigeria

In almost every circle, you will find a tech-bro, tech-sis, or tech enthusiast diligently refining their skills, aspiring to secure dream tech jobs that promise financial success and elevated social status.

What was once considered a niche has now evolved into a revered profession, capturing the interest of today’s youth.

The growing interest in the tech industry has prompted enthusiasts to look for the best methods and resources to acquire the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field. Are you among those eager to acquire these sought-after tech skills? Here are four ways to do it.

Join networks and communities: Tech enthusiasts are encouraged to join communities, attend meetups, or participate in hackathons. These activities provide valuable networking opportunities with other tech enthusiasts and industry experts. You can gain insights, guidance, and support to advance your tech skills by engaging in these events. Additionally, networking can open doors to job opportunities and collaborative projects.

Engage in Hands-On Projects: Creating projects is an excellent way to strengthen your tech skills. You can build a website, develop a mobile app, or work on a data analysis project, leveraging open-source projects. The more you practice, the more your knowledge expands, allowing you to gain expertise even with initial setbacks or roadblocks.

Get an Industry Mentor: Another way to garner tech skills is to learn directly from an expert. A mentor can offer personalised advice, share industry insights, and provide support as you navigate your career path. Look for mentors who align with your career goals and values, and actively engage with them to maximise the benefits of mentorship.

Enroll in Tech Academy Programs: Whether physical or virtual, institutions and reputable platforms offer In-demand tech courses one of which is the Zarttalent Academy. The Zarttalent Academy provides diverse tech courses in Frontend Engineering, Backend Engineering, Project Management, and Product Design. In addition to a comprehensive learning experience, the academy awards students who complete the programs with globally recognised certificates. Graduates enjoy additional benefits such as international internship opportunities, access to global mentors, international job opportunities, and dedicated career support services.

Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives and no one can do without it. Acquiring in-demand tech skills can help you stay ahead of the curve and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

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Training and e-Learning

Airtel Boosts NIPR Public Relations Week with Onsite Data Connection



, SiliconNigeria

Airtel Nigeria has collaborated with the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) to provide with unlimited internet access at the institute’s inaugural edition of the Nigeria Public Relations Week.

The trailblazing event themed ‘Leveraging Public Relations as a Critical Asset for Nigeria’s Economic and Reputation Renaissance’ is set to run from Monday, April 22nd to Friday, April 26th, 2024, and will welcome thousands of delegates across Nigeria to the prestigious June 12 Cultural Centre, nestled in the heart of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Speaking on the strategic collaboration, Director, Corporate Communications and CSR, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Adeniran, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Airtel is proud to support the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations in its endeavor to advance the field of public relations. The relevance of public relations practice in Nigeria cannot be overstated, as it plays a vital role in shaping perceptions, managing reputations, and influencing public opinion. Hence, our support is a demonstration of our commitment to empowering individuals and organizations with innovative solutions that drive progress and create an enabling society.”

According to NIPR, through the PRWeek Organizing \Committee Chairman, Mr Yomi Badejo Okusanya, the NPRW will gather over 2,000 experts in the fields of economics, PR, and nation-building to discuss strategies for effectively communicating government policies and initiatives to the public. Other activities at the NPRW will include conferences, the annual general meeting, workshops, induction of new members, breakout sessions with students as well as traditional rulers and a tour of some legacy projects in Ogun state.

With Airtel’s provision of onsite unlimited data connection, attendees and participants can enjoy unparalleled access to online resources, real-time updates, and interactive engagements throughout the duration of the event. This will significantly support the exchange of ideas, foster networking opportunities, and elevate the overall experience for all stakeholders involved.

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Training and e-Learning

NYSC and New Horizons Ink MoU To Empower Corp Members With ICT Skills



, SiliconNigeria

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New Horizons Nigeria to train corp members in ICT 4.0 skills and other latest e-business programs to boost employability and job creation opportunities for members.

In addition to the MOU, the ICT firm also donated about 1,000 ICT courses and a new learning portal to support the Skills and Entrepreneurship Department (SAED) during the commissioning of its ultra-modern NYSC ICT centre in Abuja to mark 50 years of the establishment of NYSC. 

In his appreciation, the Director General, NYSC, Brig General YD Ahmed, thanked New Horizons Nigeria’s CEO, Mr. Tim Akano, for his support of NYSC concerning the empowerment of youths in the area of ICT.

, SiliconNigeria

“We called on corps members to avail themselves of this training opportunity to enhance their chances of becoming self-reliant and contributing to the growth of our national economy,” Ahmed said.

On his part, the MD/CEO of New Horizons Nigeria, Tim Akano said the company donated 1000 ICT courseware and a new learning portal to support the SAEED empowerment Initiatives) to celebrate NYSC at 50 years.

He noted that today’s job market is looking for graduate who are digitally literate, able to solve problems and meet the needs of organisations, contribute to their bottomless and help scale companies. 

Akano further stated that the 21st century organisations are demanding more from their employees and the only way to get through is to be equipped with the ICT tools and services.  

At  the commissioning of the ultra modern NYSC ICT  centre built by NYSC, the  special guest of honour, former Head of State, Gen (rtd) Dr Yakubu Gowon (middle) urged the corp members to use the ICT books, the portal and the newly commissioned ICT centre to improve their skills and contribute positively to the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy and human capital. 

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